Werkin’ your merkin

Bearded Oysters embraces sisterhood while encouraging individuality and personal expression.  We ask that members and guests wear white and silver costumes.  Wigs and merkins can be whatever color you would like.  Any lights you wear should be white.  Nude colored tights and bodysuits are acceptable.

Parades are exercise.  Please dress to be comfortable for the often long parade routes.  Weather can be very hot or very cold.  It is best to have a lot of white and silver costume pieces and accessories that you can mix and match with the weather.

Bearded Oysters wear beards. Don’t be scared, embrace it, it is part of the fun. There are endless options from a big, bushy beard to smaller drawn ones. Lovely ladies have used fringe, glitter, rhinestones and makeup to create magnificent beards.

Bearded Oysters are famous for their unique merkins or pubic hair wig. Many Bearded Oysters choose to wear one to enjoy the attention they receive when they lift their skirts for the audience.