NOLA Angels

The world is your oyster!

We welcome the NOLA Angels to join us for the Krewe of Muses parade this year with a special package. The parade will be held on Thursday, February 24th 2022 at 6:30pm. We encourage you to arrive at 5pm to mingle and avoid the traffic.

Costume: Wear white and silver only. You can also wear nude clothing such as tights. Beards are strongly encouraged.

Dance: Our dance route is very simple and is based on a small amount of moves that you simply follow the leader on. Here is a link to the video to teach you all the moves. The video is under 3 minutes and will prep you to look fabulous. VIDEO

LED Wings: We will have LED wings for you at lineup for you to borrow for the parade. We ask that you return them to Charlie so that we can retrieve them from her.

Covid: We know you are smart and have heard it all by now. During the parade you will have a lot of personal space–a 9 foot wingspan to be precise. We will have a bathroom that is on a trailer for us, this is a time to take extra precautions, consider wearing your mask and opening the door to air it out for a moment before entering. During lineup and carpooling to the parade is a hot moment for transmission and I encourage you to have a high quality mask, perhaps with a silver sequins one over it.

Cost: The price is $150 which includes your dance wings rental and helps us cover the cost of music, trailer and support staff.

Wing Length